Date: Delivered during the development phase: November 2017- February 2019
Venue: On-line meetings
Activity Leading Organisation: Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (ITD)

This BASE application testing multiplier event is designed with the aims to involve stakeholders in the development process of BASE application.

It will involve the contact networks of each partner to recruit the stakeholder participants. It is related to the development of the BASE application. Stakeholders identified by partners (teachers, educators, health professionals, etc.) will compose the group of testing. A virtual meeting with the testing group will present the preview of BASE application and the testing process. During the testing phase, users involved in the evaluation activities will have the opportunity to evaluate the features of the application and the usability of user interface from different devices (mobile devices and workstations). The feedback of stakeholders will be gathered with the intention to identify potential problems in the interface usability and make the proper adjustments for before the final release of the application.