Date: October 2018
Venue: Portugal
Activity Leading Organisation: Unit of Support of the Inclusive School - School of Education of the Polytechnic of Porto Institute (UAEI)

The organization of "Applying Positive Behavioral practices across Europe" event will have the aim to enhance the knowledge about the application of PBS strategies at school.

The aims of this multiplier event will be:

  • to disseminate the PBS practices in Europe to an audience of school operators (teachers and school leaders in primis);
  • to promote the value of applying positive behavioural practices among policy decision makers for a wide-scale dissemination and valorization processes of good practices as a systemic approach for improving the quality of educational contexts;
  • to enhance the knowledge of tools and technologies for applying positive behaviors practices as evidence-based approach.

The event will be present the thematic area of the Good practices collection (O3). Novel approaches, school policies, innovative tools and well-being educational practices across Europe for the management of behaviour in primary and secondary schools will be described.