Date: May 2020
Venue: Ireland
Activity Leading Organisation: University College Dublin (UCD)

the use of computing technologies and the evidence-based practice (EBP) in the field of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) opens new educational perspectives in the management and monitoring of behaviour, especially in the creation of new software tools able to support research-validated educational processes.

The Behavioural Hackathon Day (BHD) aims to be a catalyst event for computer developers concerned to accept a programming challenge for collaborating intensively on the production of a software prototype. They are asked to imagine new tools or interface solutions able to process data contained in the Evidence-based PBS dataset produced inside the project. In this occasion, the hackathon programmers will explore new software ideas able to leverage the collection of data such as students’ performance, classroom level of wellbeing, behavioural patterns, statistical indexes useful for evidencing the effectiveness of specific educational and positive behavioral interventions.

The event wants to be a first European developmental corner for stimulating and creating a novel scenario about the designing of positive behaviour support tools based on sharing and process behavioral knowledge, a sort of creative forge to advance the features of novel e-health and e-educational systems devoted to speed up the digital use of EBP assessment practices. Finally, all produced prototypes will be included in the BASE project web sites.