Date: May 2020
Venue: Romania
Activity Leading Organisation: Fundatia de Abilitare Speranta

The final conference on Behavioral Assessment to improve School Environment presents the results of the project. It will be addressed to a public of school operators, health professionals, families, associations, health and educational services, local educational agencies for primary education and policy makers.

All Intellectual outputs will be presented by partnership. The internet application for positive behavioral support system will be presented with all facilities developed to implement a PBS intervention, The Base repository will be available with all open educational resources collected for teachers and educators interested in the application of PBS approach. The policy recommendations will be presented by the consortium and will guide policy makers to frame specific educational policies and take decision that will enhance the teaching methods and address the educational programs at school.

It will be occasion for the schools to witness the use of BASE application and to present their Evidence-based PBS dataset about the application of the most effective and suitable instructional strategies applied in theirs schools.

The three best Behavioral Support Team (BST) that have conducted with success the application of PBS strategies for behavior management in classroom will be rewarded and the school will be elected "school leader in PBS intervention". The work activities of BST will be judged on effectiveness, impact, content, and relevance. A panel of experts in PBS, will judge the best work activities.