The evidence-based PBS dataset is a collection of data about the application of the PBS approach in the schools involved in the project. The dataset will be composed by all the FBA and other measures collected through the BASE system during the project lifetime.

Real datasets about the application of positive behavioral support at school are not available on the Internet. The publication of open data about this matter will represent a considerable enhancement for the field of study but also for the integration and interlinking of Linked Open Data datasets in the field of PBS. The dataset will represent an open way for sharing and exchanging data, collecting behavioral patterns, classification of contingencies variables according to behavioral patterns, monitoring the statistical evidence of behavioral intervention, etc.

The PBS dataset could impact, for instance, on the development of new applications able to support the decision-making processes about planning adjustments within the different educational contexts. For instance, new applications could help the educational staff to reorganize the school educational processes to reduce the occurrence of children problem behaviors and increasing the engagement and the social and emotional well-being of both students and teachers.

The dataset will be published within the BASE repository and it will be accessible for free by everyone. The data will be released on the web according to the best practices defined by the W3C about how to represent, describe and make data available in a way that it will be easy to find and to understand (see