The good practices collection will have the aim to gather evidences and highlight experiences about the application of PBS strategies at school.

The aims of the good practices collection will be:

  • to raise the awareness among school leaders and teachers about the possibility to change the way in which the educational processes are designed, focusing their attention on the importance to prevent problem behaviors adopting a school-wide perspective;
  • to promote the exchange of experiences among educational staff, facilitated by the publication of the good practices in the project repository;
  • to verify how often the schools are prepared to positively "act" against the disruptive behaviors instead of uselessly "react";
  • to focus the attention of policy makers on the most interesting local experiences that could be replicated on a wider scale;
  • to identify tools and technologies used to manage the problem behaviors at a school-wide scale;
  • to find potential targets for the dissemination of the BASE results.

The good practices will consider, among others, the following thematic areas:

  • school policies (for instance behavioral expectation matrices, general rules, organization of environments, etc.);
  • innovation: apps & tools for positive behavioral support at school, focusing on the pros and cons they introduce;
  • practices for the promotion of the well-being of educational staff and students.

The good practices collection can include also multimedia documents (for instance interviews with school leaders and teachers which apply PBS strategies in their educational contexts) that will be published in the BASE repository with the aim to let teachers to replicate the most relevant effective strategies in their classroom.

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