Once the good practices and the data from schools has been gathered through the BASE application, the partnership will elaborate a document for policy makers.

This document will generalize the results achieved during the project, highlighting in detail the evidence-based knowledge acquired during the project lifetime across the regions and countries involved.

The recommendations are produced by the partnership with the aim to provide policy makers with the foundation for the development of policies in national contexts heavily based on evidences. Moreover, the project partnership will be a reference point for policy makers, encouraging the dialogue between educational and political institutions about the further development of the educational systems.

Policy makers will be informed about the project with many dissemination activities and through the multiplier events, raising their awareness about the existence of a center of excellence about the positive behavior and about the possibility to freely consult a dataset of scholastic data, emphasizing the importance of taking decisions based on consolidated results.

The main topics covered by the policy recommendations will be:

  • the identification of relevant legislation at national and European level;
  • the description of the theoretical framework to understand the students’ behavior at school, encouraging the comprehension of causes and functions of problem behaviors;
  • the main strategies at school organizational level which are proven to be effective in the reduction of problem behaviors and the increase of students' engagement and educational staff well-being.